Here you will find all of the links that I’ve added to my blogs throughout the course of the semester.

Have fun with them!

My presentation website:

On bad website design:

Web pages that suck

Teacherxpress – a really badly designed site

How to make the worst-designed website possible

On print publication’s dubious future:

The Ann Arbor News goes online

Blender goes online

How to save the newspaper

On self-publishing:


When the personal becomes commercial

On website navigation:

Examples of ‘gorgeous’ navigation bars

Examples of creative navigation

General online publishing bits and pieces:


Apple sued for silencing bloggers

Google’s blog

Google takes over Trendalyzer




Our group’s chocolate website:

The blog I follow, and others that I like:



Passive Agressive Notes

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

Organic Defect

Clyde The Penguin

Overheard in New York


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