May 18th observations

GrammarBlog updated today. Hooray!

How lame is it that I get excited about a new grammar post? Actually, not lame at all. That’s what floats my boat, and I’m sticking to it.

So the most recent post has a sign for ‘A Pot of Tea – with ether – Rasberry Tart or Choc Eclair’.

Yep, gotta love an inocuous spelling mistake alongside one that changes the entire message. Nice.

I’ve also been checking out GrammarBlog’s Flickr pics – some great grammatical faux pas there.

The more I look at this stuff, the more I despair about the English language. Actually, often I catch myself wondering whether I’m using the language correctly, and that worries me.  But I’m doing the best I can, damn it!

Oh, I also found another page that I like – FMyLife. It’s basically a list of anecodotes, supplied by readers, telling the audience why their lives are sucky. Then, the readers can vote on whether each anecdote demonstrates a sucky life or if that person deserved it. Good stuff.


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