May 12th observations

So I was looking through some of the comments on GrammarBlog today, and last week a visitor to the site (named Duke) called Gez (one of the site contributors) and ‘arrogant illiterate’ as a response to his post about a badly worded Nivea ad. THEN, Gez replied with the most scorching response. I was so impressed – Duke was totally burned, and went on to admit that this was the case.


In other news, my fiance has decided that he is as much of a grammar nerd as me, however I think that he is much much more so, due to the fact that he has now begun commenting on GrammarBlog himself. Sheesh.

GrammarBlog have also posted links to sites that have fabulous examples of language and punctuation misuse, and one great one is The Tortoise Centre. Count the unnecessary apostrophes. Ha!


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