March 31st observations

There have been a couple of new posts on GrammarBlog since I last wrote – the first attacks a Nivea billboard that has the phrase ‘Who would of thought’ in it. Would of. This is most certainly on my most-hated list.

The second post is about a pretty stock-standard use of it’s instead of its (‘has it’s ship come in?’). It’s great that it’s a massive headline on a magazine, though.

So more about the blog – under each post, there are linked tags that you can click on to take you to specific grammar error pages, for example the Nivea post from earlier this week is tagged ‘ADVERTISEMENTS. THE LIST. GRAMMAR. WRONG WORD.’ This is great, because it allows you to read a certain section regarding your favourite vernacular vices. I just have to work out how to do this for my blog, and that of my group.


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