March 17th observations

Not much is happened since my last look at GrammarBlog, but there’s so much archived stuff that I can talk about, so I will.

The most recent post is also by Gez, who I mentioned last week for his entertaining tirade about ‘bitz’n’pizza’s’. This week he was stopped by police to be questioned about terrorism, which on the police report was spelled ‘terrerism’. I didn’t know to be more incensed by the fact that Gez was questioned about his presence in a shopping mall, or the spelling. Tough call.

I’ve noticed that the ‘About Us’ section of GrammarBlog has absolutely no information in it. I was rather disappointed at this fact – I would love to know more about the people who bring me such literazi (see what I did there – literary nazi? wow.) gems. I’ll be making sure that my About Us section here, as well as that of my group’s site, will be sufficiently informative.

The ‘Contact Us’ section is also missing, however the site does have a ‘Talk to Us’ link on the right hand side, providing email contact details. You have to wonder, though, why have the links if they ain’t linking to anything?


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