March 11th observations

So. Here is where I explain a little bit about what GrammarBlog actually is (although I understand that it’s alreay pretty self-explanatory).

This is a blog for those who are peeved about the disintegration of grammar and spelling in our society. It provides a place for people to air their grievances and frustrations regarding the English language, and its constant misuse.

The site provides links to recent posts, recent comments and a section where photos are posted depicting signs with errant apostrophes and the like.

This site is incredibly entertaining, and I spend a lot of time looking through the posts. Like the geek that I am.

So today, I start sharing my opinions about the site. There hasn’t been anything posted yet for March, so I’ll have a look at the posts for February.

February 10th, a post was added showing different reworkings of a clip from Valkyrie, depicting Hitler getting very upset at his minions. The subtitles are changed for humorous effect. My favourite is ‘The Downfall of Grammar’, I honestly sat at my computer laughing out loud, which (despite what ‘lol’ would have you believe) never happens! Gives a whole new meaning to grammar Nazi.

There was also a great post on February 27th, blogger Gez getting extremely irate about a pizza shop named ‘bitz’n’pizza’s’. Part of the rant:

It’s not even the extra apostrophe that bothers me; it’s the whole thing. The zany use of ‘Z’, the lack of spaces – everything! Oooh I could crush a grape!

Ha. Gold.


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