18 05 2009

It may not be exciting for other people, but being the novice blogger that I am, it was very exciting to see that someone I linked to in my last blog – Iain Mosher re. bad error messages – has commented on my page, and linked me back on his blog. Have a look at the comment – he mentions a couple of other good sites that list amusing error message.

How rad!

I feel validated. Hooray!

Also, check out my Blogwatch for an update on what’s happening on GrammarBlog.




One response

18 05 2009

Glad I’m helping you out! I knew about your link to my blog via the TrackBack system that works very well across blogs hosted by (or running) WordPress. The vast majority I get are spam, just trying to get traffic and linkbacks for their *own* “blogs” (I use the term very loosely for most of them) so it was refreshing to be linked to by a human being for a change 🙂

Oh, and I’m jealous – I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago for the second time and it’s my choice of Aussie cities to emigrate to if I can ever convince my other half to leave the UK!

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