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17 05 2009

So, I’ve just had a look at the readings for this week, and I can see that they’re useful for people who are creating functional websites from scratch. I, however, still don’t really know how to write HTML (though I did learn about HTML colour values so that I could change the colours etc of our group project to suit the look that we wanted to go for – see my group project page for updates).

Sometimes I have a look at the HTML viewer for this site, just to see if I can figure the HTML out, but it’s really beyond me at this stage. Must do some more research!

In terms of error messages – gee they bug me! Some sites don’t even have error messages – they just keep taking you back to the screen where you’ve made an error, and making you guess to see what you’ve done wrong.

Others ask you for information you can’t give, and some just make the whole process a nightmare.

Gmail has a really annoying message that says ‘Some Gmail features failed to load’, but it won’t tell you what they are or how to fix them.

Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox also gives some good examples of error message etiquette, not unlike Duyne, Landay and Hong.

There’re also a couple of funny examples on this blog, and here‘s a geeky list of the thirteen best ever error messages.

Not much else happening, except the crazy wedding planning and trying to get everything else done. But that’s old news, really, isn’t it? The good news is that I think everything will be done in time.

Just heading over to my Group Project page now to do a bit of an update on what’s been happening.




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18 05 2009

Thanks for the linkback. Another amusing one I’ve seen recently is on the new search engine. It’s just out of Beta and if it strains too much, the error appears as a glowing red eye proclaiming “I’m sorry Dave – I can’t let you do that”.

For more funny ones, check out the website They have an occasional series called “Error’d” with bizarre error messages on.

18 05 2009

Oop, just a follow-up to activate the comment notification 🙂

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