Away from the sunshine.

31 03 2009

Today has been a long day. Plenty of procrastination (oh what a clean bedroom I have!), eating, exercise, and a fair amount of internet trawling.

So, it looks like the Ann Arbor News will be following in the footsteps of Seattle’s Post-Intellegencer, and only publishing online, and there are others – Blender will now only be found online, and Maxim will be amalgamating its online and print versions.

Patrick Kuras has some interesting ideas about how we might approach publishing (particulary of newspapers) in his blog post ‘How to Save the Newspaper’. It’s not so much a guide to navigating the impending shift from print to digital, but the prompting of a discussion regarding how we can be best prepared for the change.

In other news, Hewlett Packard have started a web publishing venture called MagCloud, that allows consumers to publish their own magazines for 20c per page. HP are hoping that subverting the skyrocketing prices of bulk publishing will make this venture instantly successful. I can’t help but think, however, that in this age of blogging and self-publishing online, it might quickly lose its novelty value, and those who can write will do so for free online, and save themselves 20c a page.

Nelson Yee has also written an interesting blog post about our progression from web users to those who are used by the web, or use it in a new, more commercial sense. It’s a pretty interesting examination of how we’ve adapted to the web, and how the public perception of the web and its content has also altered.

Well, I think that’s it from me for now. I can see the backyard, and the sunshine, and it’s just too tempting. I’ll try to write more tomorrow, after finishing the readings. Have put a bit more on the Blogwatch page – have a look.

Til later!




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