Neville, new readings, and a love of the cold.

17 03 2009

Guess what? You know how last week I was thinking of calling my blog Neville? Well, over the weekend I actually met someone called Neville at a karaoke place. Amazing, right? No? Well I thought it was pretty incredible.

Also, I’m loving the cold weather. I am sitting here with slippered feet as I type. Goodbye, excessive heat. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

I’ve just been looking at this week’s readings. The Dung Beatles. Hilarious! AND – wonder of wonders – there’s actually a faeces-themed Beatles tribute band with that name. You can find more about them and their brilliant scatological song names here. ‘Hard Day’s Shite’ is a highlight of their tracklist.

Anyway, let’s get to the info in the readings, which I really enjoyed this week. It drives me crazy when websites are really badly designed and put together, because – as I’ve mentioned before – I’m not the sharpest knife in the web drawer, if you know what I mean, so I need things on the www to be as simple as possible.

There’s a website called Web Pages That Suck (can you guess what’s coming?) that lists websites that are really poorly designed. Have a look – some of them really are staggeringly bad! This one is the number one site for terrible navigation, but this one really takes the cake – voted worst site overall in 2008. It’s so bad it almost caused me severe internal contusions, such was my shock.

These are some stellar examples of how not to design a web page. There are also articles to help you assess your own website’s suckiness. The funny thing is that Web Pages That Suck isn’t designed overly well. It’s aesthetically unappealing, difficult to navigate from the homepage, and full of poorly placed ads that flood the actual content. Go figure.

There’s also a great website called The World’s Worst Website that was created as badly as possible to show you what to avoid. It’s pretty effective – it’s absolutely horrible! There are some really good points on there, too.

I thought that the principles of web design as outlined in Jonathan Lane’s article would have been fairly evident (ie. simplicity and functionality), but it seems that this is not the case out there on the web. So, I’m kind of excited to work on my own (with my group, of course) because, being the kind of person that I am, I think I could come up with something that looks a whole lot better than a great deal of existing websites.

I’ve done a little bit of Dreamweaver stuff, but not heaps and I wouldn’t say I’m overly comfortable with it, so I’m off to do the tutorials. Oh World Wide Web, I’ll conquer you yet!




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